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ImageSkill BackgroundRemover_Demo 2.0

Be creative have a little bit of imagination, change your background photos!
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This is definitely a powerful tool for those who are intending to change the background of any kind of image or photo. ImageSkill BackgroundRemover_Demo 2.0 is an excellent tool for designers or for any person who likes to modify their photos or images. How many times you had the idea to change something in an image? This wonderful tool is the answer to your request! The main purpose of this program is to extract some part of an image. You can be so creative and modified whatever you feel like it from your photo or graphic. This tool is a plug-in program. This plug-in runs under design programs like: Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoPaint, Macromedia Fireworks, etc. The option will appear inside your design program and use it. There are tutorial steps ready for you in the main site that will help you know the amazing program. This software has different versions, it is important to describe a little bit of its features:
V 1.0 - New release.
V 1.1 - Installer and interface were improved.
V 2.0 - New tool - Defringe zone brush for color unmixing was added. Using this tool you can extract semi-transparency objects like flying hair, glass objects, smoke and haze properly.
When you are in the design branch, this kind of tools is primordially, because our design will be made faster and easier. This programs runs under friendly interface, very easy to use and understand.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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